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As your professional trappers, we know what type of trap to use, where to place them, how to bait them, and how often to check them. We respect our native Colorado wildlife and want these animals to live healthy lives in their natural habitats, not your home or business. Unfortunately, these animals are clever and can find ways into your structure, which can be unsafe for the wildlife and you as some of these animals can carry diseases, may bite, or leave their droppings.

What Wildlife Animals Are Most Commonly a Nuisance to Your Structure?


While these masked bandits can be cute and fun to watch, they can carry diseases like rabies and can become hostile when approached. With the rising raccoon population in the United States, their natural homes are becoming limited, which can cause them to move into your attics or crawlspaces. They are excellent climbers, and pet food is an easy meal for them.


Western Colorado has a variety of squirrels, and they can be destructive. They can cause damage to your home inside and outside. Squirrels will use insulation to create a nest, bring in nuts and seeds (if left unattended, can cause insect issues like dermestid beetles), and harbor fleas or carry diseases.

Pack Rats

Pack Rats, also known as wood rats or trade rats. Pack Rats like shiny objects and often “trade” you for an item they like, leaving behind a rock, twig, or other item. They will then “pack” this item away in their den for later. Due to this tendency, baits typically don’t work well for them.


Skunks are an easy animal to identify. Their unique smell and white strip down their black fur body easily give them away. Skunks are nocturnal by nature, so if you have a lingering odor day after day, you might have a skunk somewhere around your home. The stinky critters are known carriers of rabies and other diseases. Not to mention, if you or your pets are sprayed by one, it can take days to get rid of their odor.

Exclusion Services

As your Animal control specialist, Jerry’s Pest Control will always strive for the most humane way to help you and follow the guidelines of the DOW.

We now offer exclusion services for mice, squirrels, pack rats, snakes, and more. We inspect your home, business, or structure for entry points and offer solutions. Animals like mice, pack rats, and squirrels are cute, but they can cause damage to your structure by causing physical damage to wiring, insulation, or roofs, not to mention the droppings they can leave in your home, attic, basement, or crawlspace.

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If you live in Grand Junction, CO, and are experiencing issues with a nuisance animal, give us a call. We are more than qualified to assist you and ensure your home is free of raccoons, squirrels, pack rats, or skunks. Request more information about our animal control services by calling or filling out the form below.

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